Integrated approach

We are a chancellery specialized in the real estate sector. Our clients include numerous international real estate investors. We currently advise clients with an asset volume of around EUR 8 billion.
We consistently pursue our well-coordinated and coordinated approach of an integrated concept by bundling competences from the areas of tax consultancy, auditing, legal advice and in-house real estate experts as well as our back-office team.
In addition to our classic services of a commercial law firm, such as financial accounting, annual accounts, tax returns, auditing, legal advice and the preparation of individual reports, we offer corresponding back office activities such as cash management, postal services, invoice approval software, virtual data rooms, etc. as well as property and asset management services.
Since 2017, KRIEGER S. à r. l. has been a wholly-owned subsidiary in Luxembourg. This is fully integrated into the processing process in Germany, so that we can very efficiently comply with Luxembourg compliance regulations and individual client requirements without the need for additional interfaces.

Advantages of this integrated approach "Everything from a single source" are among others

  • clear delimitations of responsibility and therefore no shifting of responsibilities
  • less coordination effort because fewer parties are involved
  • high confidentiality
  • only one central contact partner who pursues a targeted, holistic approach
  • no shadow accounting with reconciliation differences, but optimal interfaces for efficient work processes
  • Same data information base / no multiple storage / no version chaos, by using a professional electronic data room
  • Optimal interfaces between PM, AM, tax and legal advice
  • Cost and time savings and higher quality
  • Professional, audit-proof processes

The need for an integrated process has arisen from our daily work.

- Consultants among themselves -

Consultants (tax consultants, auditors, lawyers) do not work hand in hand with each other.

  • The different consultants prioritize the requests for mandates differently
  • This leads to delays, because you often have to wait for the help of other consultants.
  • It is very time-consuming to put the involved consultants on a common information basis.
  • The client must explain his request to various consultants
  • Documents must be handed over to various consultants
  • Responsibilities are pushed back and forth between the advisers "I can't go on until I have the information from XY".

- Reporting to the owner and coordination tasks of the owner -

The various service providers all create their own reports, which have to be coordinated by the recipient.

  • The recipient must compile his or her information requirements from various reports.
  • The content of the various reports is difficult or even impossible to coordinate because, for example, different information bases have been used.
  • The owner does not address his questions to the right advisor
  • The owner must coordinate and supervise the various consultants

Integrated process "everything from a single source / under one roof".

Integrierter Prozess Übersicht Vorteile:
  • Everything from a single source
  • never have to ask again, who is responsible?
  • Explain facts only once
  • There's no "back and forth" responsibility.
  • Perfected interface / efficient work processes due to uniform IT platform
  • no shadow accounting
  • Same data-info-basis
  • no multiple storage


Tax consultancy in the real estate sector >>

  • Monthly and quarterly advance return for sales tax
  • Corporate tax, trade tax and value added tax returns
  • Tax strategy and tax planning
  • Tax balance sheets (incl. calculation of deferred taxes)
  • Luxembourg tax returns and balance sheets by a fully integrated KRIEGER company

Accounting in the real estate sector >>

  • Monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Ongoing bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to HGB and IFRS
  • Publications of German financial statements
  • Publications of Luxembourg financial statements
  • Consolidated financial statements according to HGB and IFRS
  • Payment Processing/Cash Management
  • Various types of planning, such as cash flow/result/equity
  • payroll accounting

Auditing in the real estate sector >>

  • Auditing of individual and consolidated financial statements and group reporting
  • Audits in accordance with HGB and IFRS
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Calculate and review financial covenants regularly

Legal advice in the real estate area >>

  • Provision of the registered office
  • contract management
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Ongoing advice to the real estate company including the preparation of corporate documents
  • Legal structuring of real estate transactions

Special consulting events in the real estate sector (more )

  • Coordination and support of due diligence processes
  • Coordination between the various participants in a real estate transaction
  • Support with real estate financing
  • Assistance in buying and selling real estate
  • Assistance with the new letting of real estate
  • Optimization of working capital
  • Implementation of reporting processes
  • Consulting in consolidation processes
  • Cash flow analyses

Special support services in the real estate sector >>

  • Postal Service. We receive your mail and forward it in the desired form.
  • Cash management. We integrate your invoices into your online banking systems for approval.
  • Approval Software. We receive your incoming invoices and you release them online in our software.
  • Virtual data room. We provide you with data rooms and will gladly fill them for you.