Consulting in Italian-German business relations

The shortest route between Germany and Italy is 64 kilometres of Austrian secondary road and autobahn at the most. And yet both countries are sometimes worlds apart from each other in regard to their business life – both in view of mentality of the business partners as well as in view of legal framework conditions.
With the establishment of our Italian Desk in year 2011 we have responded to the high consulting needs of small and middle-sized businesses in Germany and Italy. We support our clients in cross-border activities - namely our Italian clients at the establishment of their business in Germany (inbound consulting) as well as German entrepreneurs who want to access the Italian market.
Roberto Zanchin is an experienced Italian auditor and tax advisor from Venice and is available to our Italian clients as contact person. He regularly commutes between Italy and Germany and thus is always available on both sides of the border.
His familiarity with both business cultures and the often underestimated differences in mentality enables us to overcome the language barrier, to impart the subject matter accessibly and to contribute to goal-oriented decisions.
We support our German clients in their activities in Italy at our office near Venice headed by Roberto Zanchin.


  • Italian speaking contact person
  • Establishment of a representative office or subsidiary
  • Establishment of subsidiary company
  • Registration at local authorities
  • Support at current business activities
  • Mediation between German subsidiary and Italian parent company
  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual report and tax return

For further information about our services and initiatives please contact us directly, we will be happy to advise you.


Roberto Zanchin

Roberto Zanchin

Italian auditor - tax consultant
6 years of work in an Italian tax consulting company

Fon: +49 (69) 29 72 388-247
eFax: +49 (69) 29 72 388-906

Focus of activities:

  • Annual audit (CC/HGB/IFRS)
  • Tax consulting
  • Economic consulting

Knowledge of languages:

  • Italian (native language)
  • German (perfect, spoken and written)
  • English (perfect, spoken and written)

Other Activities:

Publications in major newspapers (Il Sole 24 Ore, Guida Normativa, Pirola Informant, Contabilità Finanza e Controllo).
Publication of books and monographs for Il Sole 24 Ore (accountancy, all IRES 2009, summa accounting).
Teaching in year 2008: management control and budget analysis, fusion, conversion of business partnership into corporation.