Asset Management

In the active asset management we see ourselves as the extension of the property holder’s arm who controls or reorganizes real estate assets in terms of the capital investment according to the strategic interests of the client. For both national and international investors, financing banks and companies with own properties we analyse and increase the value added potential of their property assets.

Property Management

In view of continuously increasing running costs professional and return optimized running of real estate shifts more and more into focus of the investors. Identifying the potentials of cost savings and efficiency gain, choosing the appropriate service provider who lives up to the client’s expectations, retaining an accu-rate and transparent bookkeeping that leads to a correct operating expenses account – all these are core tasks of real estate administering that we have mastered.


Core tasks of Asset Managements:

  • Marketing, letting and leaseholder support
  • Development of property strategy (repositioning)
  • Setup and monitoring of annual and semi-annual budgets
  • Controlling and retention of external service providers
  • Supervision and approval of payment flows
  • Representation in front of authorities and credit institutions

Core tasks of Property Managements:

  • Property maintenance and leaseholder support
  • Rent collection
  • Running costs billing
  • Account assignment
  • Reporting
  • Debt management