Back Office Services

The market demands a solution for the optimization of all the different resources and tasks that directly or indirectly influence the client service. With our Back Office Service we offer an all-round package in order to reliably relieve our clients.


General administrative work e.g.

  • Handling of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Correspondence with internal and external clients
  • Business correspondence
  • Preparatory bookkeeping
  • Preparation and processing of current payroll accounting
  • Dunning

Processing and preparation of domestic and foreign payment transactions

  • Payment allocation
  • Bill checking for appropriate approval
  • Master data administration
  • Budgetary control
  • Account balance control

IT System provisioning e.g.:

  • Provision of a custom-built invoice approval software for approval of invoices from anywhere
  • Provision of a data room
  • Order processing software


  • Master data maintenance
  • Procurement / order processing
  • Invoicing


Alexander Krieger

Alexander Krieger

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