Philosophy and team of the KRIEGER Group

Since the establishment of KRIEGER in October 2008 we are pursuing an interdisciplinary consulting concept that is customized in accordance with the individual needs of our medium-sized clients. We have nearly 80 employees in our 4 locations – Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Heidelberg and Lampertheim. Twenty of them are accredited professionals.
Versatile expertise is essential in a time where the complexity of the requirements for companies is rising in less time. As an interdisciplinary working office in which auditors, tax advisors and lawyers work hand in hand every single day, we can support our clients with our optimized teamwork at the best possible rate.
The contact person who is available for you at all times is always supported from a whole team which is always better than the sum of its individuals and a guarantee for comprehensive consulting services. Our aim is to save you time that you can invest in developing your company.
The DNA-strand illustrates very well our interdisciplinary teamwork, our expertise meshing and the close cooperation of our experts. For both the creation of life and the creation and leading of a company the inner core is of the utmost significance. Our symbol the DNA-strand illustrates all direct connections between all unpredictable needs of a living company which result in the necessity of interdisciplinary cooperation between tax advisors, auditors and lawyers.
With our interdisciplinary core team your company has got everything that is necessary for it to grow and stay healthy.